Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Check in 4 Charity Strides to Success

November is a special month, where we are all reminded of our gratitude and thankful for what we have. At Quest Johnson Orthodontics, we believe in a world where putting good out in the universe is beautiful because the good always comes back and that giving and kindness starts with ourselves. This month, every time you Check-in on Facebook from our office, a donation is made on your behalf to our local organization in Plainfield Indiana Strides to Success. It’s that simple, you check-in with a photo, status update or review and we make the donation on your behalf.

Strides to Success mission is to provide unique equine experiences that promote learning opportunities that  strengthen and develop lives. Strides to Success combines a research based learning model with metaphoric experiences that encourage personal growth and development in both adults and youth.

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