Monday, November 26, 2018

4 Benefits of Braces

Fear of the unknown is human nature and some nervousness is to be expected prior to starting orthodontic treatment or if you are thinking of getting orthodontic treatment of any kind. Braces can make one nervous, yet the benefits of braces, goes beyond a beautiful smile.

1. Helps Prevent Gum Disease:
It's no secret the dangers of gum disease and the drastic negative effect it has on your overall health. Braces help space your teeth out correctly, which helps you brush and floss in between your teeth.

2. Prevents Bone Erosion 
Did you know your teeth and mouth effect your overall health? Bone loss can also be a problem due to misaligned teeth. This is caused by bacteria that begins eating away at bones. Braces helps realign the teeth to prevent this.

3. Corrects Bad Bites: 
Bad bites such as an overbite or an under-bite, can effect your speech, the way your chew and eat. It also can lead to tooth loss in some cases. Thanks to braces, a benefit is your bite will be corrected.

4. Self Esteem:
When you can smile confidently, your self esteem and your personality shine through. With braces, you can be sure that your smile will be the best representation of who you are.

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