Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Common Questions to Orthodontics

With locations in Mooresville and Elwood, Indiana, our practices’ top priority is to provide you the highest quality orthodontic care in a friendly, comfortable environment. You might have a few questions on orthodontic treatment and what it entails. Here are a few of our common questions that we get asked.

What is an Orthodontist? 
An Orthodontist is much different from a dentist. While all orthodontist are dentist, not all dentist are orthodontist! An orthodontist is a dental specialist in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Orthodontists must successfully complete an additional two to three-year residency program of advanced dental education in orthodontics.

What age should my child see an orthodontist? 
The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that your child be evaluated by age seven. This allows orthodontist to detect and evaluate problems that exist, advise if treatment will be necessary, and determine the best time for the treatment. Early detection of any orthodontic problems is important in order to take early corrective action and avoid more difficult treatment later.

How long does orthodontic treatment last? 
Every patient varies on how long orthodontic treatment will last, it depends on the orthodontic treatment plan and patient. However, braces may be on between 6 to 30 months or, in rare instances, longer. This depends on the development of the dentition, the severity of the problem, patient cooperation, and the degree of tooth movement required.

Does it hurt? 
Thanks to technology and our expertise, orthodontic treatment has improved dramatically. As a rule, braces make your teeth tender and sore for a few days, but it is not painful. Today’s braces are more comfortable and use technology that reduces the discomfort

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